Moondust Records

Rocket to Reggae City

A Side : Asherman “The Evidence”
B Side : The Vessels “Hot Gun”
Produced by J.Bonner

“ I was floored when I first heard The Vessels. They sounded right out of a smokey Kingston studio like Randy’s 17. They’ve been on my playlist ever since.” – Chris Wilson, Heartbeat Records

“The Vessels timewarp you to a Kingston, Jamaica in the early 70’s before dancehall and dub to a post ska, rocksteady and reggae with soaring keyboards, pop guitar hooks and a stripped down drum and bass that called to mind a vastly more innocent age.”
Chuck Foster, Reggae Central, KPFK L.A.

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MD-7001 Soulutionaries
Side A: Sudden Destruction / Side B: Sudden Dub
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MD-6908 The Soulsteppers
Side A: Bout Time / Side B: Victory Dance
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MD-6907 The Impalers
Side A: Mr. Upper Cut / Side B: Upper Cut
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