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Lawless On June - 19 - 2012

Fred Perry SubcultureFred Perry over the last couple of years has been making a renewed push to connect with their skinhead rubeboy past via various mini-sites and promotions. A couple of their sites like, which reports on news, music and other topics happening around the world, or, which asks you to upload a picture of yourself in a Fred Perry and tell a story about it, are focusing on the fans around the world that have made their brand such a household name.

They’ve now produced a 6 episode series focusing on various subcultures that identify with the brand. They enlisted none other than supreme documentary film maker, DJ, and Clash confidant Don Letts to direct the series which features episodes on the Teddy Boys, Soul Boys, Punk/ Two Tone, Mods, the casual, rave and Britpop scenes of the 1980s and 1990s as well as Skinhead of course. In the episode (embedded below) they interview various artists and people, mainly from the early 80’s Two-Tone period for some reason, including Pauline Black, Lynval Golding, Viv Albertine Kevin Rowland and others.

Unfortunately we’re not able to watch the episodes in the states it seems but you can find more info on all the episodes on this page. Good thing someone was kind enough to upload the Skinhead one to youtube!

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