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Rocket to Reggae City

The ReviversRiverside’s own early Reggae revivalists The Revivers live for the music of a young Jamaica. The band includes members of LA hitmaker’s such as The Expanders, See Spot, The Debonaires and The Skeletones. A pedigree indeed and they’ve been tapped to back up original foundation artists such Pat Kelly. The band, who have been playing off and on for more than a few years, brings together the soulful singing pipes of the Debonaires’ original lead singer Tony Greene and present members of the current incarnation Mano Mirande (guitar), Mike Presser (guitar), Tom Cook (organ), Mark Cummings (bass) along with young lion Brent Lobo (drums).

Their dedication to “reviving” the sounds of early Jamaican Reggae from the late 60’s and early 70’s is never in doubt and can be heard in their authentic renditions of classic hits and obscure rarities.

Regrouping in 2009, they have already shared the stage with such Reggae legends as Michael Rose, The Mighty Diamonds, Ska pioneer Eric “Monty” Morris, as well as contemporary favorites Hepcat, and The Aggrolites ‚Äì further bridging that gap from the past, the present and to the future.

Tony Greene (vocals)
Mano Mirande (rhythm guitar)
Mike Presser (lead guitar)
Tom Cook (organ)
Mark Cummings (bass)
Brent Lobo (drums)


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