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Rocket to Reggae City

The ImpalersThe Impalers take the very best of 60’s and 70’s reggae-the deep grooves of the The Soul Vendors, and The Harry J Allstars along with the melodic sensibilities of Phyllis Dillon, Dawn Penn and Horace Andy. Then they infuse those rhythms with the soul of Aretha Franklin and the Memphis Horns then add the funky sound of The Meters. Together these sounds create the potent mix that is The Impalers-a sound that is electrifying and undeniable. Live, the band is the ultimate soul shakedown, with deep, in-your-face grooves that attract big and diverse crowds.

Originally formed as a studio band for the Axe Records label, The Impalers started laying tracks for vocalists and instrumentalists and released a number of singles to critical acclaim, including the single “Darling I Will Stay,” which featured vocalist Alana Turner from the world-renowned Northern Soul outfit, The Inciters. Axe Records helped launch the careers of The Aggrolites, another reggae powerhouse, with the release of their first LP, “Dirty Reggae” in 2003.

Cindy Cook (Lead Vocals)
Brent Willson (Guitar)
Lars Nylander (Organ, Piano, Vocals)
Randy Odell (Drums)
Aaron Taunton (Bass)
Craig Mazzera (Percussion)

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