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Rocket to Reggae City

Ocean 11Ocean 11 cherished traditional Jamaican music. It was passed on to them from their family of musicians and record collectors. They recorded under the wings of Lee Scratch Perry and played live shows to honor such legends as The Skatalites and Phyllis Dillon.

L.A. is their home but you could hear their music around the world. They are a modern day legend and an underground favorite.

Their CD “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” is a rare, out of print, treasure and this limited pressing is only for you! It is a way to get new music out there for the musicians and the listeners that create the wonderful L.A. scene! And it continues to support the legends they honored! If you didn’t hear bands like Ocean 11, you might not have ever discovered The traditional sounds of Jamaica! Derrick Morgan says, “play my music, let the people hear it and run out to buy my record!”

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