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Rocket to Reggae City

Laurel AitkenThe Godfather needs no introduction – he’s the boss skinhead – el bosso and he’ll sock it to ya!

It goes without saying that Laurel Aitken was a huge influence on us. He was a true Godfather musically speaking. He personified the working class mentality – embracing his fans as close friends, keeping the music alive and always ready to throw down new musical nuggets whenever he needed to.

He had hits in every decade he recorded: from before Ska took Jamaica by storm, through the early reggae period, into 2 Tone revival and well into the 90’s.

So it’s a true pleasure to be able to announce that the Reggae 69 Fan Club and Moondust Records will be releasing limited edition pressings of 4 of Laurel’s top early Reggae tunes! Yes it’s true!

What songs will we be releasing? Two double a-siders of classic tunes b/w harder to find on vinyl offerings from the recently re-released catalog of Laurel Aitken material.

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