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Rocket to Reggae City

Irie BeatsIrie Beats is reggae personified! Hailing out of the ghetto streets of Bell Gardens, CA. they formed in the summer of ’96 with a bunch of latino cats playing heavy roots rhythm. This group is an all-star collective featuring the best of LA reggae with members going on to playing in pretty much every band that matters including Hepcat, The Bullets, The Expanders, Allentons, The Titans, See Spot and more.

Back in early 2003 or so they went into the studio with Aggrolite’ guiter picker and master studio producer Brian “Boom Boom” Dixon and tracked a bunch of tunes. At the time it was hoped that the tunes would see the light of day sooner rather than later. Well it never came to pass and they’ve been locked in the vaults until now!

The tunes are a bit tougher sounding than “irie” and you can imagine why with Boom Boom at the controls. They were joined at that time with guest vocalistd Akelik plus Malik ‚ÄúThe Freq‚Äù Moore, the sensation from The Lions & The Bullets! How is that for a gem? They sound just as good now as they ever did 10 years on and we’ve got this lost slice of reggae soul ready to loose on the world.

Robert “Sloedub” Sotelo (lead guitar) – Allentons/ Arise
Noe Santana (rhythm guitar) – Bullets/ The Titans
John Asher (drums) – Expanders
Eddie “Chiquis” Lozoya (bass) – Hepcat, See Spot, Expanders

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