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Posted by Lawless Comments Off on Great Moments in Space Themed Music History: Satellite Records

Inspired by a post I found about great moments in black history I thought it would be fun and interesting to post stories about Space/ Moon themed music, bands or releases. For this first post I’ve decided to expand on the post that originally inspired me. So here it the 1st in a semi-regular column […]

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Posted by Lawless Comments Off on Fred Perry Subculture Series by Don Letts: Skinheads

Fred Perry over the last couple of years has been making a renewed push to connect with their skinhead rubeboy past via various mini-sites and promotions. A couple of their sites like, which reports on news, music and other topics happening around the world, or, which asks you to upload a picture of […]

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Posted by Lawless Comments Off on LA Weekly: LA’s Skinhead & Reggae Obsession

SKINHEADS IN THE NEWS “what makes a skinhead is not what you wear — or even how your hair’s shorn — but what you’ve got in your heart.” The LA Weekly has posted a story about the Skinhead subculture mainly in LA where a largely Latino crop of young skinheads and rudies have popped up. […]

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Posted by Lawless Comments Off on What A Little Moondust Can Do

MOONDUST IN THE NEWS Wired Magazine posted this story about the harm of Moondust on it’s astronauts. Now we have a problem with the reporting in this piece of course. We’ve never done anything that can harm anyone more than being overcome with extreme joy that might induce fits of ecstasy only a true vinyl […]

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